Promotions Team : Beth Moore Simulcast

In 2016, RCC was hosting the Beth Moore Simulcast for the very first time.  To create awareness and excitement for this event, Emilie Tapscott launched a social media promotions team specifically for this event.

A private facebook group was created. Individuals who were already active on social media (facebook, instagram, and/or twitter), attending the event, and who had a large following in a variety of circles and varying age groups were invited to this group.

In the private group Emilie shared images she created for advertisement and gave members “status” ideas to post with the images.  These members would then circulate the information given to them twice a week.

This team helped in many ways.

  1. They were personally inviting others and promoting the event, rather than an anonymous “group page.” Word of Mouth is key in advertising today. People are more likely to trust their friends over a business.
  2. Individual pages get promoted in newsfeeds more often than non-profit or business pages (that do not pay for direct social media advertisements).
  3. These posts were seen by all of the individuals friends, rather than those who have already liked the non-profit/business page.

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