Posters & Fliers : Fall Family Festival

Emilie partnered with her husband, Ethan Tapscott, to organize and promote TCN’s annual Family Fall Festival. When the baton passed to this dynamic duo, the attendance more than doubled! We believe this was due to several factors:

  • The Goal : The goal of the event was changed from Member-Focused to Outreach Focused.
  • The Marketing : Posters were made less congested, more colorful and eye-catching with clear and concise information. We introduced : neighborhood canvasing, radio advertisement, & Posters on local business Bulletin Boards.


Another Fun & Creative idea that Emilie brought to the table was to give the congregation ownership of this event.  Members were encouraged to purchase or sponsor scoops of icecream for guests. They could take business size cards to their neighbors to redeem a scoop of icecream, or give them to new comers at the event itself. It was a great way to get people involved and give our community a Cherry On Top experience!




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