In Event Promotions : Beth Moore



At every event there is an opportunity to promote or market. Promotions at events are twofold.

One: We want to promote the event that is happening.

It’s never too late for someone who was on the fence to come join the party. However, if this is an event we will repeat in the coming weeks, months, or annually, it’s also an opportunity to grow the event in the future.

The event also speaks volumes of what your organization stands for, is involved in, or would be like to attend. Let your events be a living example of what others can expect from you and your organization.


Two: We want to capitalize on momentum.

Usually there is a lot of buzz, excitement, and inspiration at large events that cause the attendants to want more.

Questions they may be asking: When can I see these people again? Will there be a post-discussion (or Bible study) to dig deeper into this topic? How can I get more involved for this cause (or ministry)?

Let’s be sure to make our attendants aware of other events with the same target audience.  If there are no events? Let us get their contact information if there is a possibility in the future!


Oh! and let’s not forget… People are more likely to come back if they had a positive first experience. So with the proper marketing materials, we can make an event run smoothly- giving attendants the most clear and concise directions and expectations.


As you can see, Emilie worked hard to create a theme to the event. Using a similar branding to all of the marketing materials for a cohesive look.


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