Event Photography : Declare Worship

When living in Ohio, Emilie’s husband was involved in the Declare Worship Community. Declare is a non-profit with the mission to “create, foster and cultivate opportunities for believers and churches to gather to worship God and grow in a Biblical understanding and practice of worship.”

Here are some photos Emilie took of the event.


Event Photography : WBGL

While interning under the Promotions Director at WBGL radio, Emilie enjoyed a lot of hands on experience. During the internship she would interview attendees about what WBGL means to them or why they choose to tune in, as well as get sound bites about the event itself. Along with assisting in the set up and tear down of promotion events: outdoor concerts, picnic in the park, etc. Emilie would try to capture the event on camera.

College courses in Photography, and shadowing a couple professionals gave Emilie a lead into these shots.