Event Photography : WBGL

While interning under the Promotions Director at WBGL radio, Emilie enjoyed a lot of hands on experience. During the internship she would interview attendees about what WBGL means to them or why they choose to tune in, as well as get sound bites about the event itself. Along with assisting in the set up and tear down of promotion events: outdoor concerts, picnic in the park, etc. Emilie would try to capture the event on camera.

College courses in Photography, and shadowing a couple professionals gave Emilie a lead into these shots.


Posters & Fliers : Fall Family Festival

Emilie partnered with her husband, Ethan Tapscott, to organize and promote TCN’s annual Family Fall Festival. When the baton passed to this dynamic duo, the attendance more than doubled! We believe this was due to several factors:

  • The Goal : The goal of the event was changed from Member-Focused to Outreach Focused.
  • The Marketing : Posters were made less congested, more colorful and eye-catching with clear and concise information. We introduced : neighborhood canvasing, radio advertisement, & Posters on local business Bulletin Boards.


Another Fun & Creative idea that Emilie brought to the table was to give the congregation ownership of this event.  Members were encouraged to purchase or sponsor scoops of icecream for guests. They could take business size cards to their neighbors to redeem a scoop of icecream, or give them to new comers at the event itself. It was a great way to get people involved and give our community a Cherry On Top experience!



Social Media : Heart-Song, Inc.

Emilie Tapscott served as Board Member & Secretary of the non-profit Heart-Song, Inc. for two years. During her time on the board, she volunteered to build their Facebook presence.

Inspired by Heart-Song’s branding book, Emilie created posts that would fit their image, brand, Vision & Mission Statement.

Above you see images created with Heart-Song’s colors, logo, and branding. Emilie created a chart to show the progress during a “Match” Fundraiser, a Christmas Add to “Give the Gift of Purpose,” and an image to promote a Heart-Song event called “Get to the Point.”

It is important for businesses and non-profits alike, to add variety to their social media page.  People can get turned off, if all they see is advertisements. Emilie softened this aspect by 1) making their “business” page more personable, & 2) posting content that was beneficial to the reader.

For Heart-Song, Inc. we personalized our pages by periodically posting quotes from our Board Members, to introduce the world to the faces behind the organization. We also used images to share personal testimonies of those who use Heart-Song services.

To make Heart-Song’s page beneficial to the reader we posted inspiring quotes that linked directly to Heart-Song’s Vision & Mission. We also provided free resources that they could use at home. This was especially effective when given as a gift to those who signed up for our email list.

Here is a free resource- written by the Co-Founders of Heart-Song, Inc. : Christin Woods & Sherry Douglas, and designed by Emilie Tapscott.

Heart-Song, Inc. “Joy” Resource : Click Here to View

“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head,And whispered to her neighbor_ _Winter is dead.”

In Event Promotions : Beth Moore



At every event there is an opportunity to promote or market. Promotions at events are twofold.

One: We want to promote the event that is happening.

It’s never too late for someone who was on the fence to come join the party. However, if this is an event we will repeat in the coming weeks, months, or annually, it’s also an opportunity to grow the event in the future.

The event also speaks volumes of what your organization stands for, is involved in, or would be like to attend. Let your events be a living example of what others can expect from you and your organization.


Two: We want to capitalize on momentum.

Usually there is a lot of buzz, excitement, and inspiration at large events that cause the attendants to want more.

Questions they may be asking: When can I see these people again? Will there be a post-discussion (or Bible study) to dig deeper into this topic? How can I get more involved for this cause (or ministry)?

Let’s be sure to make our attendants aware of other events with the same target audience.  If there are no events? Let us get their contact information if there is a possibility in the future!


Oh! and let’s not forget… People are more likely to come back if they had a positive first experience. So with the proper marketing materials, we can make an event run smoothly- giving attendants the most clear and concise directions and expectations.


As you can see, Emilie worked hard to create a theme to the event. Using a similar branding to all of the marketing materials for a cohesive look.

Promotions Team : Beth Moore Simulcast

In 2016, RCC was hosting the Beth Moore Simulcast for the very first time.  To create awareness and excitement for this event, Emilie Tapscott launched a social media promotions team specifically for this event.

A private facebook group was created. Individuals who were already active on social media (facebook, instagram, and/or twitter), attending the event, and who had a large following in a variety of circles and varying age groups were invited to this group.

In the private group Emilie shared images she created for advertisement and gave members “status” ideas to post with the images.  These members would then circulate the information given to them twice a week.

This team helped in many ways.

  1. They were personally inviting others and promoting the event, rather than an anonymous “group page.” Word of Mouth is key in advertising today. People are more likely to trust their friends over a business.
  2. Individual pages get promoted in newsfeeds more often than non-profit or business pages (that do not pay for direct social media advertisements).
  3. These posts were seen by all of the individuals friends, rather than those who have already liked the non-profit/business page.